The Electronic Bulletin Board

The Electronic Bulletin Board

Th Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) is a
Local Business Promotion System

EBB Verified Distribution of Posters, Post Cards,
Flyers & Tabloids in Ocean & Monmouth Counties

Your Message

The EBB is Widely Displayed in
High Shopper Traffic Locations

Some of these locations lend themselves to your colorful
post cards or brand pickups

Choose your area by
City, Zip Code,
Location Type and More

All Site Distributions are Professionally placed
and Removed on Expiration

Your Post Cards, Posters
and Tabloids
Professionally Distributed

All distributions have on site
photo confirmations via EBB VERIFY

Do you have out door distribution boxes? We will keep them
clean and stocked!

Call and Ask about EBB VERIFY for your distribution routes? 732.552.9220